This thing called life

Good afternoon!!  How is everyone today?  I hope all is well.  Do you ever just have those days that you swear are so long and you are so busy that you swear you just lived like 2 days without rest in between?  Well that was yesterday!!  We bought my oldest daughter a new laptop for her to take to college on Saturday when she left.  Well yesterday was her first day of classes and wouldnt you know it she couldnt get it to hook up to the schools printers.  ugh. She spent over 2 hours in the library working with the Geek Squad trying to update it and get it to connect.  Lets just say she was not amused.  She kept calling me freaking out and me not being very computer savy at all I was at a lost.  So what am I gonna do——Oh wait my hubbys cousin does this sort of thing for a living!!!!!!  Called him and he wasnt home, GREAT, but he called me back in a couple hours and all was saved!!  Geesh can I go to sleep now!?! lol  I was exhausted!!  But that was yesterday and today is a new day right! 

So I wanted to give you a schedule of roughly when certain types of posts would be up.  Basically when you the wonderful reader could expect to see some art work!!

Monday—-Monday morning coffee and art.  This is when there will be a video of my putting together an art journal spread.  

Tuesday—- A few life musings and answer any questions from Mondays video

Wednesday—– Atc or other piece of altered art video 

Thursday—A few life musings and answer any questions from Mondays video

Friday—-A wrap up of the week and possible more art work

I cant wait to get started next week with the first videos!!





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